DAKA Corporation


DAKA Docks & Lifts, Pine City MN, is excited to introduce a new line of boating docks – the Low Profile (Low Pro) Aluminum Dock System that is unlike any dock system currently available. The Low Pro’s unique design features a fast track clip system and hidden nut channel - providing the cleanest and sturdiest profile in today’s market.
The fast track clip system allows for easy addition of accessories without exposing any bolts. The hidden nut channel’s placement on bottom of side rail prevents moisture & dirt buildup presenting a clean finished look.
DAKA “Low Pro” Docks also feature:
  • Beautiful shore appeal – with DAKA’s proprietary design you have no visible holes, nuts or bolts
  • 7" deep custom aluminum side extrusion
  • Availability in 8', 12', and 16' sections
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Triple stringer for unmatched strength
  • Anti-sway frame design with corner to corner cross bracing to eliminate side sway
  • Triple braced wheel-end legs offering maximum support and durability
  • Hinge system allowing for one-piece install and removal of longer docks
  • Inset decking to keep panels in place and enhance appearance
  • Stainless steel bolts and brass nuts as standard hardware - no more rusty or seized bolts
  • Thru-Flow™ maintenance-free or Cedar decking options
• 15-year warranty (see written warranty for details)
DAKA's "Low Pro" gives dock owners flexibility in design options. Whether looking for a post-style or roll-in dock system, DAKA offers two wheel-end options, the traditional round pipe uprights with a full width axle or independent telescoping screw jack legs – this option eliminates all vertical posts above the deck.  DAKA’s "Low Pro" has the selection that will work for most unique lakeshore needs.
To learn more about DAKA’s new “Low Pro” docks:
Visit our webpage at  www.dakadock.com/low-pro-docks
About DAKA Docks & Lifts
DAKA Corporation was founded in 1977 as a structural steel fabricator for the commercial construction industry. DAKA Docks & Lifts’ quality line of docks, lifts and accessories can be found at marine dealers throughout the Upper Midwest.

Carey's Communications

Radio Shack dealer celebrates 25 years in business.

For a business to succeed and prosper for over 25 years it takes many key contributions from all areas of business.  The day-to-day decisions become overshadowed by the month-to-month and year-to year all the while these are each just as crucial as the next.  Although it is easy to get caught up in the numbers of profit and loss, depreciation and cash flow, we as a family have never let go of what is most important to us - OUR CUSTOMERS!!  The connection and relationships that we build everyday is what truly gets us out of bed. 

Being involved with the community and providing the appropriate goods and services has become the core goal of our family business.  Both of our parents, Randy Carey and Heidi Carey, retail has been a part of our lives since 1979 when they opened their first Ben Franklin store in Grantsburg, WI. My brother and I have been lucky enough to learn from two very intelligent business-minded people and we couldn’t be more fortunate for that. 

The Carey's Communications name has also established Radio Shack locations in the cities of Siren, WI and North Branch, MN. Going forward we hope to provide you - the public - with another 25 years of quality customer service and being there to service all of your electronic needs. We say thank you kindly from the bottom of our hearts!!

                                                        - Beau & Dane Carey

Pine EMS

Medical emergencies in rural areas can pose challenges for ambulance services that operate in the region.  For residents of Pine County, a volunteer group of first responders was formed to help fill the gaps for the various communities.  Two years ago, Pine EMS was formed to serve residents in the Pine City area and this year the group expanded to provide care in the city of Hinckley as well.
Pine EMS volunteers are our friends, neighbors, and local residents. They are providing trained staff at local community events, school sporting events and more; working cooperatively with the local ambulance service in order to provide the best possible care in our community.  Pine EMS is paged out by 911 operators to assist with medical needs when regular ambulance service would be delayed. In Pine City, the group participates in a number of community events like Freedom Fest and Holiday Madness coordinated by the Chamber or events like Lawnmower Races and the Polar Plunge coordinated by BeachRocks Pub and Supper Club. 
Another important role that Pine EMS plays in the community is that of education.  The organization has a team of dedicated and compassionate professionals that can assist with CPR and First Aid educational needs.  Pine EMS volunteer staff attend a variety of health fairs in the area in order to provide basic CPR education to the community. 
The group has about 25 active volunteers that are currently serving the communities in which they live and work.  Additional trained volunteers are always welcome.  For more information on the organization, contact coordinator JoAnn Gray at 320-298-0022.


Tucked away on the east side of Pine City along Cross Lake, the 3M plant began operations in 1968 to manufacture Microfilm Aperture Cards for a global market.  Since its opening, the facility has changed names and ownership a number of times and has employed a large number of local citizens over the years.  In 1998 one of those employees was Bob Thompson, hired on as the plant manager.  Thompson remained plant manager through the 2002 sale of the 3M/Imation facility to an Information Technology Company based in Philadelphia.  Just three short years later, Thompson purchased the plant assets and formed MINPACK, Inc.


When asked to share information about what the company does, Thompson says, “Manufacturing processes can be very complex.  I prefer describing our operations as a paper and film converting company.  In the simplest form we take large rolls and sheets of paper and film and transform them into smaller functional parts and products for the global office supply and light industrial markets.”  The company is considered one of the top contract packaging companies in the upper Midwest.


From inception, the company has been providing printing services, but only for in-plant needs.   In 2008, the company purchased their first digital printing press and began offering high definition color printing to their current customers and gradually began to expand to a local market. According to Thompson, “The value of digital printing is zero make ready cost, color consistency sheet to sheet, print only what you need and personalize every sheet in the run if required. This is a huge benefit in this fast paced world in which we communicate.” 


Although MINPACK doesn’t fit the bill as a retail store where the community can “shop local”, support from customers is essential for growth.  “I always tell my colleagues to be ambassadors for our community,” says Thompson. “When you purchase something locally and you like the product or services, tell your friends.  Word of mouth is still a very important referral.” 


“Concept to Production – Quality Service Guaranteed”

Visit the company website at www.minpack.com